Saturation Phase


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Hey, just curious about when using PlasaMov or any creatine supplement. Should I do anything different in my workout regime during the saturation phase? and when should take the 3-4 servings?
As per the PlasmaVol:

I personally would not do the loading phase but thats just me. Just stick to 2 servings (6 scoops)a day.

Preferably you would want to drink 2 scoops before your workout, 2 scoops during your workout and finally 2 scoops directly after your workout.
I'm assuming Loading phase is the same thing as saturation phase?

Just out of curiousity why would do you skip the saturation phase?

Does it make any difference if I've never used a creatine product befor?
Not to rush you or anyone on their response or anything.... but a quick reply would be appreciated. If I'm going to do the saturation phase, I need to start it quickly.
I have never used PlasmaVol, but I have been on and off creatine for years. I have both loaded when starting and just used it at 5g post-work out and saw no difference. IF this is your first time, it won't hurt to load / saturate it. Next time just go right into it. As with most things regarding the iron game, its a matter of finding what works best for you.
I basically feel the same as AngerOut. The loading phase (saturation phase) is something that I have done before, I have also started with just 5 grams a day at other times and I have not noticed a difference. So basically, to save you some money, I would just skip the loading phase and just go ahead with your regular daily dose.
I have loaded and I have no loaded and I find that I get cmoparable gains, but a week or so later if I do not load. So Im done with the loading phase, I just take the normal dose for 6 weeks, or whatever length Im on it.
Thanks for the advice. I think i'm all set now. This forum and the store have been very usefull in helping me find a good product and the do's and don't of the supplements I was curious about. There is still a lot to learn, but I beleive I can accomplish that here. Thanks again.