Scalp probs!!


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I am completing my 13th week and last week of my cycle. My cycle consisted of 500mgs Supertest 400mgs EQ wk.

My questions is for 3 weeks now i have had BAD dry, flaky and itchy scalp. :flamingma I've tried Head and Shoulders, TGel and some of this Derma shit......nothing seems to work. I have never had problems with my scalp before.

Has anyone else had this prob while on gear and could this be attributed to my current cycle somehow???????:confused:

Any thoughts?
COOL!! I definatly will
If i cannot find something soon i'm shaving the shit off!!!

Going to Kroger right now.
If your scalp is that inflamed you are very likely either losing, or about to be losing hair. Follow YJ's advice and get some nizoral shampoo - FAST! It worked great for me when I had the same problem. Literally solved it in two days!!
Question, Railrunner....are you using any anti-e's??? Anti-e's will often cause dry skin, and could definately be behind the irritation in your scalp. Go to your doc and get a script for a scalp solution containing clobetasol propionate or another good will get rid of the irritation, and thus bring the flaking to an end.
isnt that shite DHT that is sorta "dried" out on the scalp ? I read somewhere that DHT will cause a itchyand sorta dandruff like condition in your scalp..not sure though
I had the same problem post cycle from a d-bol/test cycle last winter.That's when I lost a shit load of hair!
I got some Nizoral and used it for the first time last night and this morning. Seems to have helped some.......Ill continue to update the thread if it stays up top.
And it did look like i shaved my balls after i took a shower...i have very short hair and it was all over the tub!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek:

Not that ive shaved my balls before:rolleyes: