Scott Milne????????????


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I heard something about this guy getting booted out of Golds Gym in Mississauga because he was trying to sell some supplements(not gear) there behind the owners back. Is this true and if it is, does anyone know where Scott is training these days?:confused:
I,ve seen him at golds .Never heard of that one before.FYI don,t believe everything you hear.I don,t talk to many at the gym.I got caught up in that bullshit in my younger days fuckin soap
Scotty is one big boy!!!! Is he still training with Laura Binetti? I think he still is training at Gold's.
Actually, Henderson from Golds told me something very similar to what has been posted here. Something about Scott and how he was promoting or selling other supplements at Golds while he had been told not to. So yes, as far as I know, they told him to stop and he either stopped training there or he was told to not come back.
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Big Scott

Scott's all over the place. Last time i worked out with him was early march. But he is often in Toronto and down south doing photo shoots. Keep an eye out for him at the 2003 Toronto Pro, and Night of Campions in NY.

PS. Scott is clean. No steroids.