Shelf life of gear......


lets say hypothetically i have gear dated with an exp of you think it is good until then, and how would you store it to keep it for a long period of time...lets say omna or another test ....even Winstrol (winny) for that matter...

Gimp said:
Alot of the time human grade medicines are considered okay around 6 months AFTER the expiration date. If it's human grade test from a reputable company, stored in a dark place between 15-30 celsius (have no idea what that is in farenheit) it should be good until it's expiration.

I agree I have used gear past 1 year exp and it was fine. Just keep it in a cool dark spot like Gimp said.
The gear can go bad. I would think that if you used expired gear it masy not be as potant. Or maybe have some of the oils break down.
The gear won't go bad as in become toxic. It will just lose its potency. I think it's 10% per 6 month period. That's for ordinary meds, though. For gear, it may be different. I've used gear past its exp. date and I'm still here.