slin question


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was wondering how long i should use slin? will b doing it post workout only starting at 2iu and going to 10iu total... have used it before but was years ago..... 4 weeks? just started new cycle of 850mg of test cyp and 600mg deca a week and 40mg of dbol on workout days { workout 4 days a week} im 5'10 240, 12% bf.. thanx will be using humalog insulin...
I guess I would recommend no more than six weeks straight. Although I've personally used it for ten weeks straight with no complications...
how long do i take insulin with t3?

If I am going to use slin for 6 much should i take?

I have taken before 10 iu's after every workout...with at least 60g of dextrose or any other type of fast acting sugar. then after an hour or alittle longer, i eat a small descent meal. I also am eager to take t3 with my cycle.

so the other question is (for fat loss to combat the insulin chub process) much of t3 do i take? i am going to take the liquid version of it.