smith machine bar weight


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How much does the bar weigh on smith machine, the one at my gym is very heavy and feels close to 100 pounds
the old school ones that one of my gyms have is alot more than 45lbs...but a majority of them are pretty damn light.
it depends on wha tthe counter wt is that they gym's smith mach have 50lb counter wts in them making the bar basically -5lbs for starting wt.
I dunno it has no counter weight. I was trying to curl it and figure it out and it's alot more then 45 maybe 70ish and the owner dosnen't know
depends on the gym, bro. some looks heavy and big, but with the cables and all, it becomes light. there are some smiths that don't have those fancy cables and only the bar and locks, those are admittedly heavy. maybe a bit more than the olympic bar.
this has no cables at all, Just some big metal peices that you need to twist to unrack the weight. So it makes it alot heavier
One other thing you need to take into account is how much drag is on the bar, a nice clean bearing'd one will ride smooth and provide less resistance (weight) vs a gummed up rusty riding bar, actual weight of the bar may be less, but you are pushing more weight because of the resistance in the bar.
I spray WD40 at my gyms bar before I workout it makes feel stronger than most folks there I make sure the poles are greased really good too...a 45lb bar weights like 1lb after all the grease so I load up 315lbs on it and rep away doing benches it when in reality it is only 225lb feeling due to all the greas slinging works wonders.