So, its my first time using T3...


Got any Ice Cream?
its my second day, and I love it!!

Im still at 25mcg, and i noticed my body temp is higher.. but I just feel GOOD, just like.. HAPPY.. not cracked out like ECA makes me feel sometimes.

For those of you who dont know, Im all natty right now, Ive run Clen 2x before, and this is my first T3 run.

Im taking T3 with 60mcg of clen a day, and next week Im gonna switch to ECA for a couple of weeks (since iM almost out of clen)

Im 21, 5'11, 235lbs, 17% bf., and the lowest Ive ever got my bf was 12%.. (I lean towards endo) so Im tryign to diet down before I start my first cycle.

I'll keep this updated as the weeks go by.
You are going to lose some serious LBM running T3 with no AAS. Despite what a few will say, clen WILL NOT prevent catabolism from T3.........
Agree highly. And next time, you may want to consider using Armour thyroid instead of cytomel.
We will see. I dont lose LBM very easy. If anything when I over train, my immune system goes down, but I dont lose any size.

Im going to run this at a conservative dose, and no worries, I monitor my cals and protein and training very carefully.. Thanks for the heads up tho bros.
I get hot flashes on T3 sometimes, and sweat more. I am really not sure that my body likes it though because this week I have lost a little mass on only 25mcg a day.
buddy, keep your dose low and you should be fine bro. little to no muscle loss imo

keep us updated and good luck bro

my wife is running it with no fucking gear and is not getting any type of muscle loss.

fuck around with high doses and yes your muscles will take a hit.

keep your protein intake high
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I am on my Fourth da today. Took 50 Mcg's, 1 in the a.m., 1 in the afternoon. I notice that I am HUGNRY as shit, dont sweat too entirely more then Normal, but I work outside in this 110 Degree Heat so I Normally sweat like crazy. Only thing I noticed is that I am starving, eat a TON, Lots of Protien and thats it..

Pretty happy with the results so far..
fourth day taking total?

Wow, did you start at 50mcg?

What results have you seen in 4 days?
I am very interested in this thread. Please shsare before and after pics as well (might want to cut off, mask your face to hide your true identity).

With a low dose of T3, you shouldnt really go anymore catabolic than you would naturally.

Im currently using T3/clen and Tprop. It is only the beginning of the second wk so I cant really speak for results. My pants do fit better, and my workout shorts that I run in are falling off my ass, but Im so cheap I dont want to buy any new ones til Im at my bf goal.

One more thing, my heart doesnt beat so fast on clen. I dont get the shakes so much, but I do sweat like crazy just walking down the street. It is actually quite embarassing. The clen doenst help with my appetite either.

On the other hand, I find that ephedrine kills my appetite instantly but it gives me palpiations.

I read that the difference between the two is that clen wont stimulate the heart related beta-1 receptors because it is made for the beta-2s (unless you do a high dose), but ECA will attach to all beta receptors, escpecially the heart receptors. (a little off topic?).
BuddyBoy said:
fourth day taking total?

Wow, did you start at 50mcg?

What results have you seen in 4 days?

I started off taking 25 Mcg's for the first 3 days.. Then uped it too 50 today.. I just started my lifting again after a 2 week layoff due to some liver testing and my Vasectomy.. I havent lost any lean mass, but I did lose some strength and endurance. I am also running some Prop, 100 Mg/ed so i dont lose the Muscle mass..

I currently weigh 228 after weighing in at 233 when I started.. My goal weight is 210-ish by Aug 29th.

Not sure what my BF% is now, but I bought one of those Omron Analyzers and it says it isnt consistent for BodyBuilders... It says I am at 14%, which leads me to believe it isnt correct..