Some info for you all


Steelers = SuperBowl
Ok, first off, please welcome StoneColdNTO as our newest Moderator.

Most of the staff was invited over here to mod. Only 2 were not. No need to get into who was mnot and why. Thank you.

We will have the color scheme of the forum changed by tonight or tomorrow. Feel free to chime in with a color scheme that you would like to see or you feel fits our site.

Floris, my Website Technician, and now a permanent fixture here at Steroidology will be diligently working on adding all those great things that we added to MZ like the 'Quick Reply', 'Country Flag', etc...

You may also notice by going over to the "Members Pics" section that you no longer have to download a pic to view it. You'll notice that the pic shows up right there for you to view. Hope you all like this.

My mind is racing right now as I have so much to do and it feels like so little time so bear with me if I forgot some things that I wanted to tell you about. I'll make sure to post here if I remember them.

Thanks for the support all,

Another suggestion - start a Between the Sheets type forum and have Nicole bring over all of her friends so they can post pics. :D

I had many other good suggestions but the thought of Nicole and friends naked has me kind of brain numb at this point, sorry. ;)
Also please welcome Trevdog as a new Moderator.

I have worked with Trevdog in the past and he is a very valuable asset to any staff.

He was actually supposed to be a Mod over at MZ but he didnt feel he had the time to put in the properly do his job.

This has changed though and Trevdog has the time and energy needed to moderate here at
Sweet congrats Stone.

This is kind of funny, a little after I had registered for steroidology I was thinking about how biggie should make you a mod and well, now you are :)

You deserve it bro.
BiggieSwolls said:
And finally, please welcome Mvmaxx as a moderator here.

He definitely deserves it.

I just posted and saw my avatar with "Moderator" above and was like WTF!?!? :D:D:D:D:D <crying> I'm so happy. <sniff>


You just did that cause I posted 35 posts in the last 10minutes, huh? :confused:

Thanks bro VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. I hope to help this site a lot.

Congrats to the other mods as well, all big contributors at MZ.