sore nipple?


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well im like 8 weeks into my cycle 500mg/test 400mg/deca 100mg/winny ed and my right nipple is gettin kinda sore i have nolvadex on hand i just started takeing it today but when u start to get gyno isnt both your nipples sore? my left one is fine no pain no soreness no lump at all right 1 is very sore but no lump in it. think it could be gyno?
yes it is possible that you feel gyno symptoms on one side only;nevertheless,you seem to have covered your PR induced gyno by using Winstrol (winny) and nolvadex will help with both estrogen and progesterone related gyno...start by intaking 40mg daily of nolva for 2-3 days and once the symptoms have subsided,go down to 20mg ED until you don't feel it would have been wise to use a low dosage of arimidex or l-dex 1 week prior to your cycle to avoid this from
Wally, I get gyno symptoms only in my left nipple. In fact I have a small lump behind my nipple while I have never had any problems with my right. LA_MAKKINA is correct, hindsight is 20/20 and I would have started nolvadex at the first sign of pain behind my mine.

No amount of money is worth breast tissue! Eat the nolva.

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same thing here, i noticed more sensitivity and lumping on my right side, most of my lump went away after a heaping dosage of nolva though
well i started the nolva 2 pills/day anyone ever notice and sexual sideeffects on nolvadex? or AF NYC