Squat Till You Drop

B bOy CrAyOn

Learning the Ways
I did squats for the very first time today and it fucken sucked ass but felt great at the same time... i know my form couldnt have been right tho... it seemed like i stuck my butt out too much and my chest out too far so i was hella lifting with my lower back...I had my buddy trying to correct me

Im 5'4 and 145 pounds as of right now, i was only able to use the bar and a 25 pound plate on each side..... isnt this rediculously light ? or do you think its because of not having the right form right now... can anyone give me some tips on form so i can build some tree trunk legs .

And can you guys post what weight you started with and your stats at the time when you first started doing them, so i can get a ball park figure of where im at for a beginner on squats.
i was able to do one 35 pound plate on each side but decided to go 10 pounds lighter on each side to be safe while i correct my form
my first squat was on a smith machine and iirc, it was 120 and that's my max. i could never go beyond it and also, my squats are only halfway and not atg. then i switch gym and went on a powerrack, thinking, hey..i used to squat..so this might be easy..which is not at all..especially atg. so I got stuck with 15 kg plates per side of the bar for a long time. so what I did is..came online and ask around..learned tons and went on to strengthen my abs/hips/hams..especially the hams and back. i could say the goodmornings/deads/ghr/pullthrus/pause leg press/box squats..helped. keep yourself on the low weights to get used to the form..deep breaths bro!!!
You are correct in getting your form right before pursuing heavy weight. With squats form is everything, injuries occur from bad form, or lifting weight too heavy without good form or a squatter. Football coaches are usually the biggest violators of this, encouraging contests in the gym with bad form, not going deep enough and far too much weight too soon. Stay light until you get the proper form down, then once that becomes easier, start going up in weight. Squats are the best exercise, I firmly believe that people who avoid squats are generally wasting their time in the gym.
It may be light for some people and heavy for others. You have to start somewhere. Form before adding weight.
Dont go too heavy for now, just get used to the movement. If you like you can start out with squats light just for form practice, and then add some filler work like leg presses or hack squats until you add more weight to your free squat.
I used to avoid squats because of shoulder and neck problems but went pretty well with leg press.

This year I started squats with just the bar. I did that for sets of 30 reps. I knew I could do more but treated those 20kg lifts like they were 200kg. I kept my back in perfect shape. I breathed properly. I pushed through my heels. I kept my head up. I kept my mid section tight and in control all the way through the lift.

If you take the time to perfect your form so that your body only knows the right way to do squats, you will reap the benefits when you start tackling heavier weight. Once you start squatting with a more challenging weight you will see all of your lifts increase accross the board.

I still do the 30 reps of the bar as a warm up and just to get into the right frame fo mind for squatting.
yeah i worked out for 3years without touching legs. My ex called me chicken legs since my upper body was develped nicely but the legs litteraly like a chicken haha. So i took it up this year actually 3 mo ago and gained a whole lotta size in my legs!! my body is starting to look more porportionate and im squating 365x6 times ...not bad for just a begginer huh =)
i started my very first leg workout is by raping the leg extension/leg curl machine 24/7 before I had the nads to do leg press/squats. i lol!