start post cycle therapy (pct) when????


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start pct when????

I just finished a 16 week cyp(750mgs weekly) cycle.... how long after my last shot do i start my clomid and nolv????? I am thinking on doing 300 mgs for day 1 of clom, 2-10 doing about 75 mgs daily, then from days 11-21 doing about 50 or so mgs per day. Also am going to run nolv at 40mgs per day throughout. Any advice..... would appreciate your info!!!! thank you....
2 weeks after your last injection like mentioned above...

Some people choose to run clomid at 300mg day 1, 100mg for a week, and 50 mg for another two weeks. Some choose not to run it at the 300mg day one dose. I've frontloaded with the 300mg day one, and just run it at 100mg from day one through seven and 50mg for days eight through twenty-one and didn't really notice much difference between the two. So i would suggest the 100-50-50 method.