starting t3 tomorrow


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this will be my first time using t3 so this is what i was going to do

run it at 25 mcg for the first week

then bump it up to 50 mcg for a week

either keep it at 50 mcg or bump it up to 75
there after and keep it there.

will that be ok?
I would go 100mcg, but taper up as you need to. When I taper up too fast I get headaches. You can only find out for yourself.
Good luck bro

I just started some Unipharma T3 four days ago. I'm running 25mcg for the first week and will increase from there.
Deadlift said:
I would go 100mcg, but taper up as you need to. When I taper up too fast I get headaches. You can only find out for yourself.

NO WAY!!!! I know about 20 people on it presently and 50mcg is doing the job for everyone. Anything above that and you are almost guaranteed to have some side effects, including a seriously racing heart, constant perspiration leading to dehydration, headaches, stomach problems, and more.

Start off at 25mcg for a week, go up to 50mcg, back to 25mcg, and than even a half at 12.5 mcg for the last week. Two of my buddies are M.D.'s, and taking it this way, too.

Good luck!
"How long until you guys star to notince the effects of T3? results and sides."

t3 has a long half life so it has a snowball effect. I noticed at about two weeks I was losing about half to a pound a day. I had good results with no side effects as of yet...I have been off about 6 months.
i agree with compman... I will do 12.5 mcg for a week and then 25 mcg a week and then 50 mcg for about 2 weeks and then taper down

that is just what works for me
I have used t3 countless times and this is my opinion from my experience. I have found that higher doses then that I notice muscle loss.
thanks guys.

compman, i will be running 25 mcg for a week and then bump it up to 50 mcg.

will keep it there as long as i feel
it is working
using tabs guys.

day 2 has gone by and i can tell something is going on. had the ac on today and i was still sweating.

i am going to bump up another 25 mcgs tomorrow and hold there for awhile. will see how that goes.

2 days in and i am already getting alot more from the tabs than from the liquid.
I am glad you went with the tabs, and are keeping the doses as suggested. The sweating can can really get tough at times. Last night I went out to a really crowded bar to meet some friends and I was soaked the entire night. On the other hand, I was the biggest and most ripped guy there with everyone staring at me. It's the price you have to pay! I spoke to four more people today who lost between 12-28 lbs in under 3 weeks on T3. Some at 50mcg and others at only 1 1/2 tabs(37.5mcg ).

I will also note that even the people who are not dieting properly while on it, and eating like shit, are still losing weight. Just not as much and as quickly. Keep me updated House, as I will do the same.
Interesting, I wonder if the liquid stuff is underdosed then, or loses its potency(?) I wonder if it needs to be shaken or fridged or what.