Steriods for dummies

Thank god for this article. I'm a noob retard and this is the first thing that has made sense to me.

Is there any similar dummy faq for prohormones and any comparison of safety and effectiveness between the steroids and prohormones?

I'm turning 40 this year, I was pretty ripped in my 20s. Had kids and got fat in my early 30s. Lost 55lbs at 36 and have been pretty much plateaued since.

I've just started my second cycle of p90x and looking for something extra. I had pretty much decided to go with Stack #1 or 3 on page 1 but then started reading in the prohormones forum.

I'm just looking for a simple and safe regimen to see my hard work pay off. Any advice would be appreciated.
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I agree with the post above. I've been reading tons of threads lately and this one is full of good info. I'll be reading it again as I prepare for my first cycle.
Thanks for the info!

I have been seriously considering the use of steroids but unsure as to where to start-- thanks for this article, I finally feel like I'm getting some good information.

After reading your post and others on the site, it seems I am most interested in starting with your cycle 3 (Anavar and Winstrol with Clomiphene) after a first cycle of just straight Anavar.

I figure Anavar for 6 to 8 weeks at 40 mg a day, then 6 weeks off. Then, depending on my results, either doing a second round of Anavar, Anavar with the Winstrol, or continuing my research for moving on to an injectable for bigger gains.

My first goal is to shred (it's summer) and my next goal is to get bigger.

I'd love to see my body shredded up. I've been working out my entire life and never had the results. I've gotten pretty lean through great, very strict diet and exercise, but my genetics are weak. I've tried low carb high protein, raw, no carb; I've tried suppliments like crazy; I've trained for marathons, worked out in supersets, did Body for Life, read fitness mags and followed routines, hired trainers, did Bikram yoga, etc. -- although I don't consider any of this a waste. Throughout the years I've discovered what kind of activity and what kind of food is best for my body. Now, I think it's time for me to consider the next step.

Again, I realize this process may involve some experimentation which is why I'm not planning to stack right away. Thoughts?
Changed the strategy.

You can read my post above. Did some more reading and changed up my strategy.

If you want to read about me I started an online journal. Check me out here:


From what you have read I think you should contact 3J for diet advice before doing anything. (I'm not a client of 3J's yet, but I will be very soon.)
Thank god for this article. I'm a noob retard .

Well said Me too.


Great article and much appreciated by those of us that honestly want to learn, not just look for the easy route. Im taking in all I can, its fascinating.
Hey great post, I'm a newbie myself and really enjoyed reading this, I also agree that you better understand on what will be going on when you start your 1st cycle very important to know. Thanks for the post bro.
I weigh 150lbs and I recently started my first cycle. My diet is really well and I workout extremely hard doing sets of 3-7 reps and the occasional 10 reps every now and then. Im running Sustanon 250, and Deca 300. I take 1mL of each (2mL) on wednesdays and saturdays for a total of 2mL each a week. I am taking my week 2 saturday shot today at 6pm. I only have 10mL of each so I only have a supply for a 5 week cycle. I havent seen any gains. When should I start to see gains? any other advice...?