stomach vacuum anyone? good stuff..


I posted a while ago about those stomach vacuum that I used to perform three times a week.;they do work as I lost in 3 months 3 inches on my waist ...

There is an excerpt from Muscle Media:

The stomach vacuum (as perfected by Arnold and Frank Zane) is one of the best exercises you can perform to shrink your waistline in a very short period of time. I can generally knock several inches off my waistline just by performing vacuums for a three-week period. Although the vacuum takes some practice to master, it’s extremely effective in helping you gain great control over your abdominals and giving your waistline a paper-thin appearance.

Perform a vacuum by exhaling all the air in your lungs, sticking your chest out, and trying to touch your belly button to your backbone (don’t worry, you will never accomplish this). Hold for 10 to 20 seconds, relax, and repeat. The simplest way to perform vacuums when starting out is from a kneeling position on all fours. As you begin to master the vacuum in this position, you can also perform it in an upright kneeling, seated, or standing position. Like anything else, the more you practice the easier it becomes and the more control you will have over flexing your abdominals. Eventually, you will be able to do these anywhere, from driving in your car to standing in line at the grocery store.

happy sucking

Easto said:
how often do you do these TN?

Not very often now..but I used to do them after my cardio workout or after my ab workout..3 times a week..

You know if you are doing them correctly if your abs are sore..
There was a recent article about this in great detail in Men's Fitness. It was either the last issue or the issue before.
ohhhh man , just did my first one and got a big gut cramp . yeah i use to do these but thought it was my diet that help my waist so guess ill do these again without my diet to see my results . great post and yeah its a ab workout for sure !
70w30 said:
Interesting Terra I thought spot reducing was a myth.My gut needs some of that.Good post.

This isn't about spot reducing. It's strengthening the abdonimal WALL musculature (in contrast to the rectus and the obliques).
Actually, this is a Hatha Yoga asana (posture) that's been around for a few thousand years. I love it, it's supposed to be very healthy for the internal organs as well.
Buff Terra says he lost 3" off his waist doing so.Is that not spot reducing?I agree what you say about strengthening the abdominal wall ,I did not know that is what this excersise does.Have you reduced your midsection without diet using this technique?
Good post
Well, I think of spot reduction as loss of FAT in a particular area, but I see what you mean. But when we increase the tone in the abd wall, we probably WILL decrease waist size, because there's support to prevent the bulging of the abdominal viscera (guts), which we're all so familiar with, living in the USA ;-)
It's a great technique, for a variety of reasons! I'm inspired now to do it even more.
i tried it today. i really liked it. cramped up real bad but will get used to it after some time.
man...I forgot about might have been you TN who posted something about these on EF, and I was thinking I should try these.....

this is my first post over here btw, hi everyone
i think vaccums are great for the person that hates training abs(like me)
i usually try and do vaccums as im doing cardio, thats also a quick way to get your heart rate also.