Surviving the holidays


300lbs of Heavenly Joy
If you are trying to keep your diet somewhat clean over the holidays here are a few hints to survive with all this temptation.

Cutting over the holidays is a bad idea--you will be miserable and probably make everyone else miserable, and it is an insult to show up at someones house and eat like a bird.
Use the holiday time as your chance to up the protein and put on some mass-Now that does not mean eat all sweets
Keep your diet clean--there is more than enough meat, fish and vegetable dishes to eat--go directly towards the meat and veggies, skip the cakes, pies and cookies--no need to pig out on cake and cookies.

One cookie is fine--25 cookies is admitting defeat
Drink lots of water with your meals and this will help you feel full faster
Up your intensity in the gym over the holidays, you are eating more so justify it by training harder.
It is mostly common sense, but for many this is not easy during the holidays. I am not going to lie to myself and try to diet with all of this wonderful food around me, so this is the time to up the intensity in the gym and take advantage of all of the good food. By filling up on meats and vegetables the sweets do not even seem very appetizing.