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What's up fellas,
So, i just picked up on a vile of Sus-250 (BIO-TS250) manufactured by********. Ive ran a handful of cycles but have only used Test-E. I've never had any complications and side effects have been very minimal. I've ran Test-E alone and I've also stacked with Masterone twice and just finally stacked w Tren-E for the first time, wich i absolutely LOVED! For anyone who's been thinking about trying Tren for the first time, let me be the one to say, it lives up to all the hype and it definitely lives up to its name! Anyways, a few months back some things from my past caught up to me and i had to serve a little county jail time! (Pls don't judge me)***128521; So It's been a little over 3 months since my last cycle, (I swear i dreamt about it every night!) and it didnt take more then 2 days out to get my hands on some test but all dude had was a vile of Sus-250 and 2 vilez of Cyp-250 I took the vile of Sus-250, 1st of all because it was made by ********** and ive always had low sides and great results with *********. And 2nd of all dude charged me an arm and leg for it. (Im surprised he didnt want my soul!)
My plan is to run 250mg (1ML) 2x /week or every 3 days. Im 28 yrs old 5'10" 185lbs. Its been 3 months since i ran Test-E & Tren-E for 12wks and ive been locked up eating county food doing hundreds of push-ups, pull-ups and dips every day. This will be my 5th time juicing. As of right now i only have 1 vile of Sus-250 until im able to find a solid source. With that said, shld i stick to the doses i mentioned above or should I raise dosage considering the fact that this is my 5th time juicing and I have stacked on my last 3 Cycles???
Thanks for reading,
I appreciate any and all feedback
Stay Strong Fellas
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are you pushing this product?
Well I would definitely stick to 250 x 2/wk until you got your hands on some more. That'll give you 5 weeks to figure it out, ya know. If I had ran all the cycles you mentioned and was going to just run sust I think 750 would be rad? Thing with running e3d is 1 week you'll pin 3 times the next twice. I feel like it's more stable that way and is how I am currently running my cycle but at 750 twice a week is prob better. These are just my opinions I am no veteran so keep that in mind.
if you don't mind pining more often , i'd just go with 150mg EOD. that will be the most stable blood levels and give you the most out of the small amount you have. if you get going on this cycle , you could still get your hands on an oral or another fast acting oil and run it at the tail end.