Sust 250 / Tren E Blood Test advice


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Hi guys,

First off:
6ft tall
25 years old.
Training since 19

Recently completed my first 12 week cycle of Sust 250 / Tren E

Week 1-10 250mg of Sust 250 (inject monday, thurs)
Week 1-8 300mg tren E (every tuesday)
Week 3-10 HCG at 500IU every 7 days
Week 6-12 Introduced 0.5mg caber once every 5 days

Week 11 nothing (to let half life bring levels down again)

Week 12-14+ Clomid 200mg
day 2-11 at 100mg,
day 12-21 at 50mg.
Novadex 20mg a day, last week 10mg

I know I shouldn't have run Tren for a first cycle, but it's done and I cant turn back the clock.
My experience was actually seamless. I was able to go from 88kg to 105kg within 9 weeks with all lifts going up and noticeable mass on arms and legs. I didn't have any erectile dysfunction or tren rage. However, the clomid did make me have mild depression/emotional episodes during the PCT, it also gave me insane hard erections which was nice haha.

I have had some acne outbreak only really appear 3-4 weeks after finishing my pct which was quite aggressive on my shoulders and middle back but i believe this is just the hormones leveling out. I have some benzoyl peroxide 0.1% to help and will give it another month before i go down any accutane route. (may increase it to 10% strength)

Now, my question is: What things should I test for with a hormone blood test and what levels should they be in range of. My thoughts were the following

Total Testosterone
Free Testosterone
E2 (Oestradiol)

Blood tests are privately done so no questions as to why from doctor, sets me back around $*******NO PRICEDS ALLOWED****ish. Is there anything else I should include. I regret not getting bloods done before my first cycle to compare so I am just trying to find a medium as to where they should be. (currently 4-5 weeks since finishing PCT). Also apparantly your suppose to donate blood after a cycle to help reduce red blood cell count. Seen a couple opinions both ways and would like to see your thoughts on it!

Hello Op,
In regards to your question about labs: LH and FSH are crucial to know. They directly relate to your natural T production as well as sperm (which you may want in the future). There may be a few other things that some senior members here may alude to. Donating blood will depend on where your hematocrit is, but without knowing where you started you have no way of knowing how much it rose on cycle.
I’m not gonna comment much on your cycle, but be prepared; you’re probably gonna get ripped pretty hard. You made some big mistakesbott during the cycle and with your pct and it’s timing. You seem to have done some research but I’d recommend you do a lot more before you cycle again.
Good luck can look at private md labs to get some pricing ideas on blood work. That is a commonly used route here.
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You list of tests is good, plus add the LH and FSH as BW said.

If you go donate blood they will tell you your hematocrit, so you can look at it in hindsight to see if necessary. I find it always makes me feel better.

Did you consider that the acne might be due to not using an AI on cycle? Same for mood swings in PCT. Both could be due to an estrogen roller coaster ride.

Timing to PCT of waiting 1 week is not enough for 300 enanthate plus the longer portions of your 250 sust blend. Two to three weeks is better, and if you do wait that long then there is no need for anything more than 50mg clomid. Taking 200 is not wise.
Sorry for the late reply, I did take arimidex 0.5mg Every 4 days during cycle between week 4-12 however I got no acne till about 3-4 weeks after I finished pct. the worst of it seems to have settled but still quite nasty on forehead.

In terms of knowing if my pct worked without having bloods done before, would it just be if it’s in normal ranges? My libido and performance has actually been improved even now 6-7 weeks after pct.

Still giving it 3months off until next run but currently taking Clen 2weeks on/off.

In terms of a second cycle what compounds do you think I should stick too as I don’t want to go back to tren or sust for a while.

Again as always I appreciate any advice people have