Susta/parabolan or test e/tren e, which one?


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+5 years experience, 185 cm, 95 kg, %15-16 around bodyfat and this will be my third cycle.

Here's my cycle what I go for,

1-10, 500 mg sustanon (I live in Turkey and I bought organon stuff directly from our pharmacy)
1-10, 150 mg parabolan (got some legit alpha pharma parabolin, this is why I use parabolan instead of tren a/e)

.5 adex e3d

My question is,

This will be my first tren cycle and to be honest I'm afraid of using a parabolan lil bit.. even it's in low dosage.. Can tren enanthate be better choice for me? (got vermodje tren e stuff, too)
There's lots of legit "parabolan" (tren hex), but don't be thinking tren hex is any way different than tren e or tren a... exact same compound, just different ester (which only determines injection frequency)

500mg test per week is fine... but only 150mg of tren? Double that or don't do it
Tren hex is more expensive per mg than e for no good reason

I totally agreed with this. I have also vermodje tren enanthate as I said but I don't trust it and this is why I prefer Alpha pharma stuff.

Thought 150 mg tren hex (also good combining with susta x2 week injection tiime) will be enough for me for first tren cycle. Should I iincrease it?
If youve never ran Tren before I highly suggest running the Acetate ester as you have no idea how you react to Tren yet. You may be fine, but if your not you want to be able to bail quick and have the hormone leave your system quickly. If it goes bad and you have long esters in your system it is not fun, trust me.

As far as the dose.....150 is too low, a good starting point would be 350.