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  • Send me another PM, my friend. Your email account is rejecting my emails, and your inbox (PM) is full.
    Hey China Wall, i was browsing through posts and i found out that you are in China.
    Im in China too, im from Xiamen.
    I just need some help from you, im looking for some things.
    I cant seem to send u a message.
    Would you send me an email? hamzahrashid1@gmail.com
    Or can i have your email?
    I like cardio immediately post training at 30-45minutes.

    Add a shake and get that protein up another 50 grams daily

    Coffee is perfect pre-training. I like a whey shake, a large piece of fruit 90 minutes pre training and coffee about 30 minutes pre training.

    Might bump down your tren dose unless you are very experienced brother.

    Immediately post training/cardio consume Gatorade, BCAA's, Glutamine and creatine.

    I still can't PM so hit me back via profile message.
    Got your PM but I cannot PM back brother. Any help you need meeting your goals is no problem. Let me know what you need as far as diet, training or AAS advice.

    My avy I was depleted at 220lbs. I'm lean bulking now at 231.
    Hey looking for gear in HK be here for a couple of months hit me up Nmj1199@gmail.com my number is 85294502496 nick

    I'm a fellow Canadian living in Shenzhen and I just happened to stumble upon your profile while doing some reading on steroidology.

    What part of SZ are you in? I have been here about 3 years now, but don't really know anyone else who is into bb and iron... or any other Canadians for that matter :p

    Fancy a chat some time? Do you use MSN? or..?

    catch you later

    seasons is pretty good in wan chai... if u need any help with gear let me know, I have been helping guys out in HK, SZ, GZ since for 10 years
    Hi mate,

    I live in HK and I was wondering if you could hit me up with some information about you know..?

    Added you on msn:)

    hey bro, how r yaa?
    I'm settled in HK, I'v bodybuilding for about 3 years now, n have never tried aas...
    I was wondering if you could get me a source where I can get steroids from..
    Plzz reply
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