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ok i have a problem and ive had it for a while, a year or so. well here is the deal. i have a sweating problem only under the arms, and ive tried to use all different types of deoderant to stay dry. normaly this wouldnt bother me but i cant wear white t shirtor any other color for that matter, because the wetness looks horrible. is there anything that will keep me dry there? or should i see a doc? also this problem is year round even when im not hot at all. they should make a under arm tampon. any advise?
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bro, i have no idea....i could sweat in january in the middle of a snow storm with a t-shirt on ha

it's not as bad as it was, i put on some weight pretty quick;) & my body just had 2 get used 2 carryin around the added weight....it took a looooong time though....

now that i told my sweatin story, thats all i got 4 ya, b/c i don't have any help 4 ya
I have that exact problem. I will be sitting watching tv downstairs where it is cooler and I will feel my pits drip! Im a freak!

Get drysol! IT WORKS! Its made just for arm pit sweating. The only thing is, and dont forget this, is it makes you extreemly itchy, and sensitive to the touch if you put too much on, so watch it!

I think thats what it is called.
I see you developing a rash in the future.:D If you get it use a corticosteroid cream for two weeks. lol. Also, quit wearing tight shirts so much if you are!

Thats all the info on arm pits I have for you.

Oh yeah, shaving them helps things out a bit also, but not much.
Do you guys think that maybe it's high blood pressure? I was like that when I was on fina, and it was because of the high blood pressure.
this is a condition that affects 1 out of 4 people in the US. including me. its called hyperhydrosis. my pits, hands and feet are almost always sweaty. sometimes it is severe. there are several treatment options if you have hyperhydrosis but ive learned to deal with it. surgery is one. you can either have a nerve under the pits pinched or cauterized to cut off the sweat response to the hands and pits. however, you will probably experience compensatory sweating behind the legs. another option is pills. they work, but there are side effects. namely, drowsiness and mild disorientation. not worth it if you ask me. finally there is the optoion of going to a dermatologist and having him inject the area affected. this will cause the area injected to stop sweating for up to 8 months. the drawback is that your hands will be swollen and basically useless for 2 weeks while you recover from the hundred or so tiny injections. i will look up the name of the shit they inject later. personally i have learned to deal with it. i wear baggy clothes so the problem isnt very noticeable. when i was younger i was really timid and anti-social due to excessive sweating. alot of people develop social anxiety over this problem. fuck it, the way i see it, i can either go live in the mountains to avoid being embarrassed or i can get over it. i have decided to get over it. ive gotten used to it. im gonna put a link here later so you bros can read up on hyperhydrosis. maybe some of you suffer from the same thing. later.
I was watching a VH1 special a few days ago about plastic surgery, and it was stated there that alot of Hollywooders have Botox injections in that area to paralyze the nerves before they go to a red carpet thang or whatever. Perhaps that's the same thing "kube" was referring to. More expensive than Baby Gold Bond Powder, but less than having an actual operation too I would guess.
yeah, i think the name of the med is botulism, botox, or botulinus toxin. most of the sites i just found recommend ETS surgery. endoscopic thoracic surgery. if they cauterize the nerve it is obviously irreversible. the other option is to pinch the nerve with titanium clamps. the thing is they dont guarantee the process to be reversible even with this method. me personally, id stay clear of that shit. heres a site with some good basic info, although it seems to steer toward surgery.

fatchops said:
Do you guys think that maybe it's high blood pressure? I was like that when I was on fina, and it was because of the high blood pressure.

I have perfect blood pressure. I get a complete check up every 6 months. 22 yrs old also.
so here i am..with years of traing under my belt..
finishing up my 1st cycle and know its cutting time..

ECA stack makes me drip like a horse....and now im gonna
hit the clen...

what sucks is ill be walking around the city in a shirt to
show off my 23 inch guns (jk) but ill have huge sweat stains
on my chest and abs!!

ill have to check out the drysol
You have axillery hyperhydrosis, I have it as well. For 10 years now. I have tried everything and 3 months ago I started using oxybutinen (ditropan) and I don't sweat in my pits at all anymore. It took about 2 weeks to really kick in, I seriously suggest trying it. It is prescription, but I can give you a european pharmacy that will send it to you, a years worth for $75.
same thing here bro, i sweat under my arms...not too bad but sorta just annoying. i know some people that use maxim (no relation to the mag)...its supposed to be a little irritating at first but you get used to it. sounds like its similar to drysol. you can get it off the maxim website just search for it at google.
Drysol is shit and so is maxim. They hurt and itch like a motherfucker and only somewhat work. Get some ditropan, it is the only thing besides surgery that works great.
Have tried old spice high endurance red zone anti persperant?
Don't get th solid get the stuff that comes up through littel holes.\

I have a similiar problem I would just sweat for no reason but this stuff is the bomb!!!!
yeah, no kidding. i use deodorant and anti perspirant strictly for the smell. nothing has EVER worked for me. in highschool i would always wear a skin tight white cotton undershirt, a loose fitting one and on top of that a baggy shirt. hyperhydrosis sucks. i am lucky enough to have it in my hands feet and pits. and when i get nervous, watch out. my hands are like leaky faucets. im gonna look into drysol. i had heard of it, as well as other products, but im really skeptical that anything will work for me. i just wipe before shaking someones hand and wear sleeveless shirts whenever i can.
jb160 said:
Have tried old spice high endurance red zone anti persperant?
Don't get th solid get the stuff that comes up through littel holes.\

I have a similiar problem I would just sweat for no reason but this stuff is the bomb!!!!

I wish it were that easy...sweating sucks for me!!

does anyone know of any side effects from reducing your sweat...like is it bad for you in any way?
the most common side effect is compensatory sweating in another part of the body. like the back of the legs or the face. i think were pretty much screwed. maybe we come from some line of amphibians way back. haha. one thing that does work for damn sure is the leaves of the brugmansia plant aka angel trumpets. eat a leaf or two, or make a tea. you will not sweat for the whole day bro. downside? it is a nasty hallucinogenic and causes visions, probably induced by the internal fever it causes. but you wont sweat. the leaf is not as hallucinogenic as the flower, in low doses it is quite effective for sweat, although you will feel somewhat drunk and disoriented. after a few days of use though you start to hear voices. this is the only thing that has worked for me but in my opinion it wasnt worth it. you feel like shit, the mind becomes very dense and did i mention an overdose is toxic? there is also a very similar plant called datura, much more toxic, much nastier. maybe thats why its also called devils trumpet. i just thought id share, although i do not recommend it. if anyone wants more info it can be found here: