Syno Coversion Problem


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I did a 10 gram syno conversion . I thought I was only suposed to get 100ml total. But when I was done I had 160ml. What the hell went wrong. I did everything I was suposed to.I got the kit from R-Kits nad it was perefect. So I dont think it wa that. The only thing that did not come out was after I finish the last prosess( heet to crystalize the test ) I got about 15 grams of powder. I tried and seperate the crystals but coudnt. So I did the coffee filter with the oil and suspension conbined. I got out the powder that was in the solution and thaought everything was good till I measured out 160ml. How much was I suposed to get?
I brewed up a batch of syno as well. I got about 110 ml. I was a little off also. I think it all boils down to how much water was left in the powder before you added it to the solution. I could be wrong. This wasn't much help but I seen noone else replied and thought I would put my input in. The stuff is probably still good just not near as potent. I got my kit from synokit. com. I didn't know researchkits offered them. Where are they on the website and do they come with the magic solution(anti-estrogen)?