T-3 question and comments


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i was wondering who here has taken T-3 and T-4 not together but i mean on seperate cycles. i have taken T-4 before was taking 50mcg a day on bulk cycle 2 years to help with fat acuumulation during the cycle, i have to say it worked and worked vey well. i took T-3 not too long ago but didnt seem to get anything out of it? isnt t-3 suppost to be more potent than t-4? also the dose on t-3 was 25 mcg
I have used both, but t4 only once. I used it at 200mcg a day because I was told it is about 1/4 as effective as t3. Personally I would say it is even less. T3 works great for me, but diet still has to be in check. T4 actually gace me bad hives several times in the 6 weeks I used it.