t-3 question


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I ve read that t-3 at a dose of 12.5mcg ed helps add lean body mass while on your cycle and helps keep the fat off.
Im going to run
week1-4 d-bol 30mg ed
week 1-10 enth 500mg, Eq 400mg
.5 liquidex eod

I have a little bit of t-3 left and i want to use it up. Can I take the t-3 at 12.5mcg ed for the whole 10 weeks or is that to long?
I've been running 20 mcg per day for 13 weeks now. No problems.

There is no evidence that using T3 for extended periods has any negative effects on the thyroid gland. In fact the studies show that people that were on thyroid medication for long periods recovered their natural production after they discontinued use.

As far as the ideal dose for your purposes, I think it just takes some trial and error. Based on my experience, a dose of 10-20 mcg per day does help me keep lean but it may make it difficult to get in enough calories for to gain as much as I want to when bulking.

I would start with 12.5 mcg, evaluate after 3-4 weeks and then consider adjusting your dose depending on your results.