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I'm not sure which super test 400 your talking about, but I'm going to assume it's the same one I've seen. The s.t. is 400mg of enanthate and the t-400 is a combo of enan, cyp and prop, this is made by Denkall.


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3333 said:
is super test and t--400 the sane thing and if it is how good is it.

How good is what? The Super Test (I'm not sure what this is) or the T-400?


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I think t-400 is something like 170-180mg of cyp and Eth each, pluys like 50mg of prop. Something to that effect.

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BUFFDAWG10 said:
T-400 suppose to be pretty good, but very painful inj.!!!

Personally I'd rather take Sustanon (sust) 250.


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here is a blast from the past....
im starting my first cycle very soon. possible tomarrow. i was going to do Sustanon (sust) for 10 weeks. but i am considering this t-400 stuff. i hear it is painful as hell though. but denkall's site has so much info it is nearly impossible to get faked. and with Sustanon (sust) its very easy. oh i should have mentioned im going to tj. so if any one has any suggestions i sure would appreciate it.

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IMO: Very VERY painful. And it's not just site injection pain. All that BA can f@ck you up in a number of ways. Fevers. Headaches. Flu-like symptoms. Don't cut corners with your gear.



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I must give props to Denkall's website. They definitely have you covered if you are the one that will be making the trip. I have only used denkall products thus far and I was very happy w/ T-400 but you have to know there will be pain involved.


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i didnt make great gains on Denkals t 400....just a lump the size of a soft ball in my ass and pain.Underdosed IMO.