Test Eth powder gooey at room temp


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Am I right in thinking Test E as a powder should be slightly gooey at room temp ? I also have some EQ "powder" and as expected this is a liquid at room temp.
Test E typically will eventually turn solid at room temperature, but will start to melt when you touch it. Also, once it turns liquid it takes its time turning back into a solid.

EQ also has a lot melting point.
DougoeFre5h said:
Fine powder? Maybe test cyp. Does it smell like test?

Ok so it's a white very fine powder but smells a tiny bit like very faint perfume it's hard to tell, if I put some on my finger it melts into a clear substance within around 10seconds and feels slightly waxy...does this sound like test eth ?

I dabed some on my toungue but it tastes of nothing.

I put the rest of the bag on my arm for a couple of mins it formed a hard crust on the outside but crumbles when you crush it....any ideas ?
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hugesteve said:
Yeah, test e has a waxy feel to it..
You on track bro

Cheers bro, feeling a bit better now but would apreciate any others peoples advise also ??

WHat do you reckon guys is my Test E powder looking along the right lines now ?