Tren and it's impact on mood and energy


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Tren seems to cause a little depression for me. Just makes me look at things differently, like problems don't have solutions. I seem to reflect on a lot of things in my life in a very different way than when I am not using tren. Aggression doesn't seem too much more than high test cycles though. It also makes me tired all the time and just slows me down. Get out of breath as soon as any physical activity begins. Perhaps this is why the Aggression is not an issue, because I don't have the energy to respond with Aggression..hahaha

The big sides for me are night sweats, exhaustion and a little depression. Anyone else have this experience?. Any suggestions to alleviate the issues?
This is my second tren cycle and same thing both times.
400mg tren E and 200 to 300mg test cyp.
Maybe more test?