Test/Var or Test/Tbol ?


Cycle, test, HGH
10-12% BF
1 previous cycle of Anavar (var) only

Which would be the better cycle?

Test 300mg EW 1-10
Anavar (var) 50 ED 1-8


Test 300mg EW 1-10
Tbol 50 ED 1-8

I love the way Anavar (var) made me feel, but I've heard great stuff about Tbol, cost is not an issue.

I am looking to add 10-15 clean lbs, I really only want to know which one stacks best with test, Anavar (var) or tbol....I have left out post cycle therapy (pct) and all other Anavar (var) iables as I don't think there relevant..
They both stack well with test. tbol give more size and less solid strength than Anavar (var) .

I would say try test alone, or do test Anavar (var) as you already know how Anavar (var) works for you and anything different will obviously be from the test.
Yeah, just do test and Anavar (var) . This way you only have one to compound to worry about, in case you start developing gyno, bloat, etc....If you gained from Anavar (var) alone, you'll gain very nicely with test/ Anavar (var) i predict.
Why not just go with testosterone alone if you have not used it before? That's what I would do.
Aboot said:
Why not just go with testosterone alone if you have not used it before? That's what I would do.
This is a very good point. When T-bol first started becoming available from the UG Labs, I did a T-bol only cycle @ 50mg's per day just to determine the affects of T-bol on my system.

If you're determined to make weight training and fitness a way of life, you'll have plenty of time to try an infinite combo of compounds and doses to see what works best for you.
I have heard a lot of people say that they get more strength gains from var, I have never tried it so I can't be the judge of that. Now on the other hand I took 50mg of T-bol a day and had more strength gains than I did on test. I think T-bol is amazing! Thats just my Opinion.
I've heard the same which is why I'm so surprised so few people seem to mention it on this forum ???