Thailand Anavar oxanabol-Are they better than other vars???


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They are definitely cheaper. But comparing them to denkal and other companies how are they? anyone use them? what were your results? and most importants...ARE THEY FAKED ALOT?
This is just a guess bro, but if I were "faking" an item, it would more than likely be one that has a big following, and not one that is rather obscure. Like I'd fake the Thai Pink Dbols before any other. Probably the SPA Oxandrolone Tabs, being hugely popualr at least at one time, are faked alot. THE MEXICAN SUSTENON PRELOADS(thats right, I said it) are OFTEN faked. Stuff like that. The one you mentioned, being rather obscure, is probably a good buy imo.

That being said, I've never used them, and they could be total crap.:D:D

These days, and if I didn't think that Anavar was a total girly-drug already, I'd go with the Loeffler item first. I've seen it test out well, it is cheap, and I doubt ANY real counterfeiter would fake those before something like Organon redijects(fucking right--said it again), since it aint like loeffler is an overwhelming choice for even cheapasses shopping in Tijuana.
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they are small white pills, no markings on them, and scored i believe...and they come in blister packs.
wait a min you said oxanabol...they are small and orange looking like thai dbol or stanabol.
I think the Oxanabol are marketed by British Dragon ( they all come from the same place in China.....C&K ect ) 5mg are supposed to be good,but sure i saw some lab tests on another board for the 50mg orange pentagons and they came back with no Ox in them! I prefer the Thai Bonavar 2.5mg tabs by Body Research
I would normally go with denkal, but its so damn expensive!! I coul dget thai oxanabol at a lower price, but not sure if I should take that over denkal. wish I could see some test results on thai oxanabol.
Anybody try these thai Oxanabol by British Dragon. I don't want another Bratis Labs and put Winstrol (winny) in my system when I think I am getting Anavar (var). Whats the update?