The cough question


I know this has been asked before. However, does anybody know the scientific reason why there is a cough and a tingling feeling even before the plunger is at the bottom of the pin. It happened today and I am curious what is the definate(not just a quess)reason.

Thank You
It happens with all gear but only every once in a while. I also check for a bruise the next day or so and I dont have one.....I cough and I get this feeling like someone is throwing hot sparks all over my body......Bizarre
nothing like that has ever happened to my in over 200 injections, no feeling of being faint or a cough nothing
Sounds to me like you went through a vein. I've gotten it before, you probably just have bad luck. I always aspirtate so I never actually inejcted into one, but there have been times where 4 or 5 injections in a row (over a period of weeks) I passed through a vein (I could tell by the amount of blood that came out).

Did you get a strange feeling in the back of your throat?