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Hi guys:)

I just want to say thankyou very much for letting me post facts and info about a product that Steroidology will carry within 2 - 3 weeks


I want to say thanks to the members that have helped out in particpating, and not flaming me

and I want to lastly thanks the MODS who above all have helped with feedback and who have tried our product as guinie pigs to make sure that the members really get something worth while and of high quality. Without them as gate keepers of info, and qaulity we would all be at a loss.

So any way I just wanted to post a condensed version of the long thread that we all participated on before, it was kinda messy so I would like to post this instead as a replacement.

Huck thanks for the help =)

Glutamine supplementation has been touted as one of
the missing pieces of the hypertrophic/anti-catabolic puzzle for
intensely training athletes. Many have felt it to be beneficial in
training, particularly when dieting, training very frequently and very intensely.

Up until now,some of the drawbacks to oral glutamine supplementation was the absorbability factors.The L-form just required mass amounts to pass the gut membrane and be taken up to target tissues.As a result,much was wasted.But now,with the advent of peptide bonded forms of glutamine,this problem has been efficiently overridden.The peptide glutamic substrates are taken up much more easily,and as a result, much higher plasma concentrations
are achieved,with much less required to achieve this end

for every 17 grams of GPLENISH your getting 5.595 grams of GLUTAMINE

along with those 5.595 grams your also getting all amino acids including all 8 essential amino acids.

Now,with this in mind,one may still question,"Why glutamine?What will it do for
me,the athlete?"

Glutamine is the most abundant occuring amino acid present in the entirebody,comprising about 75% of the muscle cell amino acid pool.

During stress,the body's requirement for glutamine often appears to excedeour ability to produce sufficient amounts to reinstate cell pool homeostasis.Stress causes increased amounts of glutamine to release from muscle,and it becomes difficult to restore,presumably as a result of disturbances of the
Na+electrochemical gradient across the cell membrane.Liver and spleen uptake of glutamine is also increased during these stressful times,further displacing the content present in muscle.

Low plasma concentrations of glutamine reflect reduced stores in muscle tissue.Feeding extra amounts of readily
available/easily absorbed peptide bonded glutamine during these periods would be a wise idea to counterattack these catabolic mechanisms and sustain the muscle amino pool content.

On a cellular level, let's take a look at why glutamine is such a
worthwhile substrate----Some of its proven benefits:

*It attenuates glutathione depletion( Glutathione is the most important endogenous scavenger system/anti-oxidant in the entire body). Glutathione depletion is often pronounced after bouts of stress,including events of high intensity excercise such as we subject ourselves to during heavy training.

*Glutamine has been shown to stimulate/activate protein synthesis and inhibit turnover(degradation).It has been shown to enhance/sustain nitrogen homeostasis under periods of stress.

*Glutamine modulates lymphocyte (immune cell) activation,by
proliferating (increasing population)of T-Cell numbers which in turn increases immune system response.Parenteral
administration in hospital patients under stress has been found to greatly decrease the instance of bacterial infections. For the rest of us we can achieve those same benifits via supplemenation of Glutamine Peptides

*Stimulates hepatic(liver)glycogen synthesis.

*Glutamine has also been shown to enhance stress-induced heat shock
provide protection of cellular injury.

*Lastly, glutamine peptides have the antioxidant action similar to 3-5 servings of fruit or vegetables based on ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) for vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene. Glutamine peptides offer 300 times more ORAC antioxidant equivalents as compared to free glutamine.


Vitamin E (500mg) 116
Vitamin C (500mg) 2830
3-5 servings of fruits and vegetables 1950
B-carotene (250mg) 300
Bound amino acid glutamine (5-7g) 3.5-5.4
Protein hydrolysate (10-15g) 1100-1650

oral administration of glutamine,particularly in peptide-
chained form very well may improve nitrogen
economy/retention, improve repair/recovery of damaged muscle tissue,and diminish the the incidence of free radicals/bacterial forms present in those who are placing
stress on their systems through the routines of high intensity training.

the way glutamine was suppost to be taken all along..............

Preliminary feedback for this new supplement

I can share with you MOD feedback from various boards

from a MOD

"I've been using it since I got off last cycle, I'd guess about 6-8 weeks now. My last couple cycles I lost considerable size and strength post cycle. But this time I've retained most all my size and have maintained my strength. I think it would be hard to judge if the glutamine worked or not if I was "on" but since I was off, and it had about the exact opposite effect as my previous cycles, I can honestly say that I'm very pleased with this product"

and another MOD

"It's going well. I've been using it for a while now and have not lost nearly as much post cycle as I did last time. I'm not sure how much credit goes towards the glutamine but I think it helps."

and another MOD

"I met OMEGA on another board...where I'm a Mod...
I am now using his product.
I must say, I love it.
No he didn't pay me to say this or give me free products. I'm just spreading the word b/c I will never use plain glutamine again.

I mix one Tblspn with my protein in the AM and post workout. I am recovering quicker and feeling better. BTW, I can hardly tell the difference as far as taste in my protein drink.

Great Product OMEGA ! You got a customer out of me. "

and an OWNER of one of the elite boards

"Like Ive said, the taste is bad by itself but once you mix it with whatever protein powder you are using, the taste gets nulled.

I like the stuff. At the very worst its an extra 15 grams of quality protein per day and that cant hurt at all."


glutamine 380 mg ++++conditionally essential
alanine 26 mg
arganine 29 mg
aspartic acid 30 mg
cystiene 15 mg
glycine 35 mg
histidine 20mg
isoluecine 40 mg ++ essential amino
luecine 70 mg ++ essential amino
lysine 14 mg ++ essential amino
methionine 15 mg ++ essential amino
phenylaline 53 mg ++ essential amino
proline 132 mg
serine 44 mg
threonine 22 mg ++ essential amino
tryptophan 8 mg ++ essential amino
tyrosine 34 mg
valine 40 mg ++ essential amino

elemental profile

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JohnnyB said:
I've been using gp for over a year, I would go back to l-g


are you saying you would go back L-G or not go back?

also for those who have tried glutamine peptides before and were not sure if it worked or not...thats because you probably tried the stuff made form an asian manufacturer.

they pretty much "killed" that form of glutamine because in the end process before going to the consumer

they BLEACH it........yes they BLEACH it

they do this because glutamine peptides proper taste earthy by itself

so they wanted to get rid of some of the flavor and the tan color it naturally has to "appeal" to consumers......

only problem is that they killed most of the good stuff in it.....

the taste is insignifigant.........its so potent that you only need to add one lage table spoon to your protien drinks which are flavored so the tastes is not an issue
JohnnyB said:
I've been using gp for over a year, I would go back to l-g


you must have paid out the ass and/or been using lower grade glutamine peptides. i have not seen any major company come out with it save a few like PP by GNC. and it costs an arm and a leg, so i figure you were not using that.....maybe some off name brand? i would suspect it was not the greatest quality. GP is def better than L-G, its just a fact. how much better, that is the question.
GP is def better than L-G, its just a fact. how much better, that is the question.

damned straight that why I am so happy on a personal level to be able to share it......:3some:

in regards to the types of glutamine peptides you are right.....
just like with normal protein powders qaulity is an issue......
OMEGA said:
damned straight that why I am so happy on a personal level to be able to share it......:3some:

in regards to the types of glutamine peptides you are right.....
just like with normal protein powders qaulity is an issue......

yeah, like i was saying on EF a while back under THE_BIG_FED or FREAKZILLA.....i've wanted to try this stuff out (for a fair price) going ont two years now i think. off cycle glutamine peptides/creatine/small dose slin/clomid/HCG and maybe some good old tribestan would be awesome.
well if you had two servings a day it would last you about one month and a half.

at one serving a day 3 months.

each serving provides more than 5 grams of glutamine:)

also so you guys know this is one of the cheapest prices, if not the cheapest in the business :cool:

here is one competitor
house1 said:
sounds great omega.

where can i get it?

Hi House

you can get it at DC NUTRITION (Steroidolgies Store) in about 2-3 weeks

I am sending out the first batch as we speak :)

LAST INFO!!!!!!!!

its about process and why this product differs form other GLUTAMINE PEPTIDES

First off the process of deriving glutamine peptides from a protien source is a proprietary process

we have ours and others have theirs

our differs in that
we have from 4-6% more not much but more =)

for a total of 31% peptide bound glutamine

our process differs in the end when the product is finally complete

the other manufacturers use a couple of methods for 3 goals in mind

ONE to eliminate the earthy flavor associated with glutamine peptides by spray drying the product under caustic conditions because they think consumers can't handle the natural taste
this point is irrelivant when you add to a flavored protien drink

we knew this and eliminated that traumatic stress to the product.

SECOND they BLEACH the product, yes BLEACH the product to get rid of the natural Tan color, again for another aesthetic reason they think customers prefer a lighter hue to their drink additives so they leach the color out of it...

just like the first process it abuses the glutamine peptides and puts it through stress that comprimises the integrity of the product.

THIRD the above processes also increase the shelf life of the product so it can sit in store shelves for years.
this enhances the bottom line of companies for they lose almost no product.$$

but at the same time the product is so INERT that its a waste for you to take it.

GPLENISH has a shelf life of a year and a batch is made every 2 months

your getting the fresh goods minus the unessessary stresses of other Glutamine Peptides


the best possible and most POTENT way to take them.....