When I was in San Diego in summer of 2001 I had a very good way of getting juice across the border. Does anyone know if there are still buses that take people across the border and back over?
uhhhhhhhh.... dude... dunno if you should be talkin about that kinda shit in the forums... probably NOT the brightest idea seeing as tho they are open to anyone which means police also... which is why we don't talk about sources information around here or stuff kinda like this
YES, you can take a bus across to mex still....but you have to walk back across to the U.S.
Are you saying that after you go through customs you don't get back on the bus?
alot has changed since 2001 anyways in the world of things like this especially to and from mexico, its never 100% for sure yout going to come back and not get caught.
Can anyone tell me how I would get to the parking lot on the US side after I go through customs?
There are a couple of parking lots to the right as soon as you get through customs.
One behind the Jack in the Box and two or three along beside that one.
I was in Mexico last weekend....I didnt buy anything but I look extremely conspicuous even with my sweatshirt on. Even though I was clean I still get nervous crossing the border. The customs official simply asked if I was bringing anything back, I said no and I walked through.
Bringing gear or anything over the border is extremely risky...sure you may make it through but if you dont....its a felony on your record. Is it worth the risk?
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