To all the pros, [B]out there can you help me on my first cycle[/B]


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Hi, I am a powerlifter and been my main sport for 6 years. I have finally decided to tale steroids. Not to make myself better in my sport but more fo aesthethic purpose. I have a very large waist due to my squats and deadlifts. And i look like a bell. My shoulders are gentically arent very wide. Been training them for years.

The reason I would like to take steroids is to alter my body composition. I want to sport those broad shouldered look that most models have. Will steroids be able to help me in this aspect?

My goal is to really have big shoulders. Will Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) help me overcome this gentic limitation? if so could you please reccomend a good cycle to me? your comments are highly appreciated.

My stats are as follows:

27 years old
180 pounds
14% body fat.

I am really serious