Traveling with gear


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how do you guys travel with gear? i'm going out of town for a couple weeks and i need to bring my gear with me - i'll be flying commercial air. i came up w/ a few ideas but not sure what i'll do:

- fedex the shit to the hotel
- transfer the oil to an insulin vial?
- preload a few syringes and throw them in my checked luggage

anyone with experience here? help.....

Yeah now that they do random searches on your check-in bags I definitely wouldn't be bringing anything with me. Mail it to yourself.
I travel with gear every is only from the dresser drawer to the bathroom where I stick myself, but hey, no random searches. yet......

:D :D

I use to Manage the Front Desk at several hotels. Call the hotel in advance and find out the Front Office Managers name. And send it to his attention and let him know that your medication is arriving. This will prevent the idots at the hotel from refusing your package because your not checked in to the hotel yet. This way, you can call the hotel the day before and amkre sure that your shit is there. More than likely Randon searches of packages do not occir for under 1 pound and sent to a hotel.