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I was considering doing a test enanthate 400mg week and tren enanthate 200mg a week cycle, for 10 weeks duration. Is the tren dosage high enough to be effective? I like to use the lowest possible effective tren dosage.

My cycle history is one 500mg a week test only (omnadren) cycle, for 10 weeks.
75mg EOD seems like the lowest dose most people use, I've heard of 50mg EOD dunno how effective it was.
outlawtas2 said:
75mg EOD seems like the lowest dose most people use, I've heard of 50mg EOD dunno how effective it was.
He said Tren Enanthate, not ace. I think you would go with twice a week. You could prob even get away with once e5days to start out and see how your body reacts to it. I've yet to use tren but this is what I've been thinking for my next cycle. Every day injects get old quick for me, I finished up a cycle w/ prop for 4 weeks at the end of a lengthy Sustanon (sust) run. By the last one I felt like a pin cushion, lol :).
whoops. Then I would go with Ace the first time around, some find the sides from Tren pretty harsh (sweats, hairloss).
For a first time tren user, I STRONGLY recommend using tren ace to see how you respond to tren. Some folks have a time with the sides and it would be beneficial to find that out when you can drop it and clear in three days instead of two weeks.

As for your dose, many people do fine on low dose tren. I found that with tren ace, I can see nice results at 60mg ed. I prefer about 80mg ED now after having run it quite a few times now. I have tried it as high as 150ED (as a kickstart)and I'll drop tren before I do that again. It sucked pretty bad. So I have experimented with it and found the doses that I like best from a gains/sides perspective.

While there is less tren hormone per 100mg (due to ester weight), I still started my tren e at 60mg ED. I prefer to inject everything EOD or ED. I seem to have much less sides with all compounds. With test e and tren, you will have much more stable blood levels if you inject E3.5D instead of once a week. Once a week is too much of a stretch for sure. Since we are talking about sides, they can be controlled much better by keeping blood levels stable.

Hope this helps.
someone please correct me if i'm wrong, but i think it goes
215mg tren base = 262mg tren ace = 318mg tren enan.

that enanthate ester is pretty big. i compared to 262mg tren ace b/c that's 75mg eod for a week.
so 200mg tren enan/week looks like less than 50mg eod of acetate.