UG Labs in general


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I know that someone such as myself who used to say that if it is good enough for a Mexican dog then it is good enough for me now is crazy for questioning the cleanliness of the UG labs. In general, how is the sterility?

Anyone have opinions on this? :toilet: Just tell me if this thread should be put in the toilet!
if oyu have a good lab then you're fine.. some of them are sketchy.. but there are a lot of good UGL's out there bro
i only use UGL gear.. i can get any kind of gear i want and i prefer UGL
Is there anywhere on here that discusses the authenticity of different ug labs or the cleanliness of them? I am curious about a specific lab but can not find much info on that one. any ideas?
you can say the lab name and ask if they are legit n what not u just can't post any kind of contact info or web adresses or anything
damn good one deepglute ...

and as for the lab i have no clue... so many ugl's out there it's not even funny... hopefully someone wil have some positive feedback for you
ok her is my thing about any lab UG or not
if you have a question then ask them if they are ledgit or at least respectful
they should and will answer any question you ask even the stupid ones
and trust me
i have been doing this for over 10 years and i will ask every question i can,
ther are limits we all understand this
if you have their addy then use it

its like crusherhocky sais there are so many UGL'S it hard to figure out
unless you ask them maybe a few guys might use the same UGL so you are looking for the needle in the hay stack with this one :sleep:
TheDukeofEarl said:
yes sir, it is couture labs-any experience? Great guess. You could problably win a game show. Thanks!
I thought you were giving out free gear to the first person to guess correctly.
honestly. there are so many UGLs out there, and it's all people making shit in their basement. You gotto trust your guy because otherwise you have no clue how legit it is.
if you are worried about the sterility you could always filter it when you get it, and put it the oven at 250degrees for 30minutes to make sure its clean and sterile.
If your unsure about a lab (patience is a virtue). Keep doing your research, or try another lab. Be sure you know exactly what is going into your body. I've had a ton of my own personal issues with trying find stuff out. You my trip and stumble a little, but everyone here is pretty foregiving. I ask as many questions as I can, because when something goes deep into my muscles, I don't want to question, "is that pain from the shot yesterday, or is that bad gear." Educate yourself
Thank you all for the good advice. Sorry, no free gear for the person (Deepglute) who guessed the lab correctly. Good guess though.

Anyone who has the courage to use gear for a mexican dog: Brovel, tornel, QV, TTokyo, Denkall, (no more though) should be fine with a UG I Guess.
I've heard of couture labs and the guy I know that used it said it was god stuff but hurt aittle to inject. IT was 400mg/ml

I've used british dragon. IT's ok, had some probs. I'm not relaly a fan but if it was the only optiopn i'd use it.

Jact labs is god stuff.