Upping test enthanate dosage mid cycle


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I'm 24 years old and about 5'7 and 143 pounds right now. I have been lifting for a couple of years but I would say I have been serious (with my nutrition and training on point) for about a year now and was about 123 pounds last year. Still that change on weight probably contains some decent amount of fat.

I had low T before I ran the cycle, I made bloodwork and got my testosterone and free testosterone checked a couple of years ago, my total testosterone was 350 and my free testosterone was under the range of what was considered normal. I made some lifestyle changes started to eat well, workout took a less stressing job, made bloodwork again this year and still was at a whopping 450 of total test, so around around the lower end spectrum, my free test was barely into the range too. I went to a doctor and got a recipe for testosterone but I haven't really used yet, this is important for a reason I will explain later.

So here is the thing I started my first cycle 5 weeks ago, I was hoping to do a 12-16 week cycle of 250 mg of pharma grade testosterone enthanate that you can buy over the counter where I am (which I understand is about really 180 once you discount the oil) every 6 days. I dn't understand when people talk about 250 or 500 MG dosages if they are taking into account the real number after the oil is taking into account?

I have seen some effects on the first two weeks, I started to feel really horny and my nipples were a little sensitive so I started taking arimidex at first 0.25 EOD, I kept feeling the sensitivity so i just took 0.5 twice a week one of those the day after pinning and I haven't feel sensitive nipples again.

But the point is... I haven't really noticed a lot of gains I have gained around 4.5 pounds in this 5 weeks, which is about the same I was gaining before the testosterone and I'm pretty sure I still gained a decent amount of fat on that.

At the beginnning I was thinking about taking nolva or clomid two weeks after my last pin, but I have been seriously considering to just go on TRT (permac***se) after the cycle. So.. people I know have suggested I should finish the cycle but I see more logic on at least do other 8 or 9 weeks of 250 twice per week and then go back again to a dosage a little lower than where I am permanently.

What do you guys think? or maybe I should "abort" the cycle at the 8 week for example and do around 150 mg per week and then shoot again in some months... the thing is that I was hoping to travel on some months and I wanted to look my best for then lol
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Go ahead and double up to 250 mg every 3.5 days for the rest of your cycle, then PCT.

You don't want to go on TRT at age 24, and even though 450 isn't great it is good enough to not do so.
A lot of people think that they are not gaining mass because of what they are pinning or not pinning. You gain mass by what you put in your mouth and how often. If you want a nice clean buld, it's going to be ow because you're watching everything you put in your mouth, you are using scales and you're eating around the clock. If you dirty bulk and a lot of people do this, but I don't recommend it because it makes for bad habits, you eat anything you can put in your mouth and the hell with fats and carb counts you're just eating.

Now food is what makes you grow not gear and eating the right foods. You should be eating a minimum about 215g of protein per day, but it should be more along the 300mg a day. That is what feeds your muscles. Your carb intake should be done strategically so you can get the most out of your Barb intake and bit have them become fat. Now you will gain some fat it's inevitable but you can control how much stays in your body.

So leasson of the day, regardless of what and how much you pin if you're not eating to sustain your AAS regiment you're not going to to see any significant gains and also BB is a marathon not a Sprint. True mass building takes years not months or weeks.

Good luck.