[URGENT] PCT for my test e and winstrol cycle!


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This is my first thread in this forum, I'll go straight to the point (sorry if my english isn't that good, I speak french mostly)

So, I just finished my steroid cycle which consists of :
Week 1-12 500mg Test E
Week1-10 30mg of Winny

i know that isn't the best cycle because winstrol is very hard on the liver and shouldn't be used more than 4 weeks. This cycle was for my contest prep and I did get very lean for my show that I did this saturday. I just followed what my coach told me to.
My stats: Age: 20
Height : 6ft
Bf : 3.8% (show day), now 5.2% (still very lean, you can see my photos on my IG: "Fit_yadd")
Weight: 165lbs (show day) now 186lbs (lot of water weight after my post contest meals). I'm a pure ectomorph, I always stay lean all year (even before my

So today, it has already been a week since my last pin. I know that PCT should start two weeks after last pin of test E. I already have nolva and clomid on hand, but my coach told me to get HCG instead and run it alone because nolva and clomid won't do shit in my case and HCG is a real PCT he said.
I did my research before posting this thread, after 4 days of research and learning about PCT, I decided to post this. I didnt buy my HCG yet, I still have a week left before beginning my PCT. If I don't get the HCG, i will probaly just run nolva/clomid pct, not sure about the dosages yet.

What do you guys think ? Should I do what my coach said and run HCG Pct alone ? Or run nolva/clomid pct ?

Thank you all for your comprehension, don't be too hard on me,I know that I should do more research but I'm here to learn.
your too young, get blood works. your coach is an idiot and knows nothing about gear, anybody with half a brain knows not to use hcg for pct and that it should only be used during your cycle. he is getting rich off of you.
Saiyan I wish you would've come to the forums before even starting, you're too young to be doing Test cycles let alone adding Winstrol to it. Judging by your confusion on PCT you also didn't read up before on all of this, your coach is a douchebag that probably doesn't care about your long term health it seems.

Listen to what the guys like Milton tell you, not to scare you silly but PCT is especially important at your young age bro. I'm fairly new here so I'll let them give you proper dosage info for this, but yes keep the Nolva/Clomid. HCG should've been used from the start of your cycle for the record.
Wow, hopefully your coach is good at something because he gives poor advice to 20 year olds and is a moron about PCT.

The best thing you could do right now if you can get it right away is start taking HCG daily, something like 500 IU/day for the next ten days would be good. About two and a half weeks after your last shot start taking the clomid and nolva.

Clomid and nolva are for PCT, HCG is for on cycle and in the gap between last shot and start of PCT - not during PCT.

At 6' 165# what competition and class are you in?