Weight Gain


Alleged Fatass!
OK so Ive put on 10lbs so far in a wwek and a half on D-bol , Test , EQ the test and EQ should kick in next week so I am attributing the weight gain so far to the D-Bol do you think 10lbs is decent mind you I am also taking L-Dex at .5mg EOD? Whyat are some of your guys gains with D-Bol and L-Dex?
Haven't done d-bol so I can't say. But it'll tale more then 2 weeks for Test and EQ to kick in.

It usally takes 5 for my, but that's me.

Do you have any bloat(water) with that weight? I'd be happy to put on 10lbs, in a week and a half.

I think your doing fine, a little bit is water, but as you rember from my previous posts this is good. I would bet you would have a pound or more of water on you if you ran no a-dex, so all is well. EQ usually hits me week 5 or 6.
Yeah I have a little bloat I can see in my face thats always the first place I can see it. IM only on 30mg ED 15mg at 11am and another 15mg at 4:30 one hour before the gym. This is my first time with QV but I know my test and deca usually hit me at about week 4
have u considered upping the dbol to say...50mg/day. This is the best dose for me personally (no more, no less).
I think im on the same russians that ur on w/no anti e's though. I'm up quite a bit from when i started.
I think hes fine where hes at. No need to go that high, unless you are an experinced dbol user (ie needsize's 80mgs) 50mg of dbol is like 100mg of drol. I see roughly the same results on 25mg of dbol as I do on 50mg of drol.
I'd be happy with that much of a weight gain at only a week and a half in...i didnt see any dramatic gains until a little over 2 weeks in.. i agree that there's no sense in bumping the dose up especially when u can grow off of 30mg...i put on 25 pounds running 25mg day for 5 weeks...good luck on the rest of ur cycle bro
You do not need 50mg of dbol daily...especially if your results are like that already, some will be water etc...but you will be just fine...the face is generally where you see it first while on dbol....The cycle I an finihing up consisted of omna/dbol and now omna/winny, I put on 25 pounds total and have dropped 8 while leaning up a bit...i will have added 15 pound of good muscle onj this and it will be permanent...until the next bulk cycle which will be in about 8 weeks....

Thanks A lot guys, you guys are all great inspiration and I will make sure to get the most out of this cycle especially since the D-Bol should just now really start kicking in and the test and EQ are still marinating in me and should be bursting out in about 2 more weeks. I will keep you all posted on how it is going.
That is pretty good progress. I am coming up on my 26th day and up 20 pounds so far. i am not taking a-dex though.

Good luck!!