What to eat after cardio?


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What I'm trying to ask is, what kind of carbs, if any, are good to eat after a cardio session? Maybe some oatmeal or veggies? I will be eating protein before/after my cardio b/c I want to keep as much muscle mass as possible.
Why the carbs though? I never understood why someone would eat carbs after running - what is the purpose behind it?
I believe the only time your body can properly use High GI carbs is post workout, when your natural stores have been depleted. IN other words, these cals don't get stored they are immediately put to use.

something like that I think

Maybe Dirk can chime in, he knows all.
Wish i knew all but thanks!

Personally since i'm going to guess your not trying to be "extreme" in what your achieving. i would wait about 30 min after cardio (assuming your doing it in the morning) and then have some oatmeal along with a protein source (eggs or shake). In fact some High GI are fine in the morning since you've been sleeping all night and your primed to soak up any carb you put in your mouth.

Now on the other hand there have been a few times where following a morning cardio session i have had guys eat a protein source and fat source for their first meal and then have a carb source in the second meal. This was because they were fat and trying to get in shape fast. We wanted to keep the "afterburn" effect working and minimize any insulin release.
Dirk, since it is a high debate matter, and without getting into much detail, do you agree with the morning cardio without AA?

With AA's in my body I don't mind run in a fasted state, but witout AA's it makes me think twice before doing them...
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well, I don't mean a lot of... It probably should have some degree of catabolism, even on low intesity runs.
Altough, since this is for a relative short period, that should make no substancial diference, even if it is a bit catabolic. Probably benefits outrun the sides of doing this!

Anyway, I'm asking just because when I do morning cardio I'm on AA's.. not on purpose, but happens most of the times.
I believe the only time your body can properly use High GI carbs is post workout
I agree, unless you're bulking heavily and are putting mass first. Then nothing beats frequent high GI carbs a day. But it obviously comes with a substansial fat gain.
Easto said:
The whole theory about morning cardio eating away muscle is over blown IMO.
For 30-40min cardio sessions, I would have to agree.
The thing is, I usually run at night so I'm having trouble finding stuff to eat that won't make me put on sloppy weight.
If I'm really trying to maximize fat-loss I do the 'ole Dan Duchaine trick...wait 30 min after the cardio session, drink 30-40g protein shake, then wait as long as you can before eating carbs. If you find yourself getting hungry drink more protein shakes or eat a can of tuna, whatever. I last a few hours then I start to get hypoglycemic so I eat some oatmeal. One would only do this on days they did cardio ONLY though.
20-40grams of protein
40-80grams of fast digesting carbs, the carbs replenish the depleted muscle glycogen levels.
Think about the science of what you are asking...we do cardio to burn fat off of us right? well to your body fat is the best source of energy, however we are naturally lazy and will burn carbs and sugars first cuz they are easier....so you do your cardio and somewhere through out your work out you burn through you sugar stores and begin to burn fat...now you have your body doing what you want it to do...when you stop your cardio you feel hungry...because your body needs energy...guess what that means!? if you dont give your body carbs it will turn to your fat....if you do eat carbs or sugars...like fruit....your body will stop burning fat and return to living off food....do yourself a favor dont eat for an hour...if you must, eat an isolate protein....your liver can turn bcaa's into just the right amount of glucose for your brains needs and no more....you arent going to lose muscle mass from your cardio...a study by japans national health institute showed that out of 80 men who lifted for 3 months and then stopped for 3 months not one lost more then 1% strength...but all gained in the gut lol.
And watch right when you stop you will be hungry and ten minutes later you wont...that is the process your brain says eat food...you say no...it turns to fat..you are not hungry...try that for two weeks and I guarantee you'll see a change.

source; personal trainer/ crossfit instructor/ 8 years army soldier/ paleo eating monster/ 8% bf