What was the highest amount of test you'd ever taken


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i am just curious what was the most test you've ever taken during a cycle and what was the outcome............ side effect/gain ratio ? also did u protect urself wit liquidex or nolvadex
2,000mg test cyp per week and 2.5 letrozole evd...No noticable side effects and not much water retention...
currently on 1200mg of test a week....just did 3rd shot on for 15 days so far and up about 10lbs..mostly water...i'll let u know when I'm done :)
125mg of suspension ed. Even with liquidex I looked like I could pop at any minute. The entire cycle was Deca at 400mg ew, suspension at 125mg ed, and Winstrol (winny) at 50mg ed. Cycle lasted six weeks. Gains were great, but what really blew my mind was the strength.
200mg cypionate E5D along with 20-25mg Dbol ED.
(no really). Gained about 12-15 lbs in 7 weeks. I'm very sensitive to gyno so I have to keep it low.
A know a pro powerlifter that takes 3500mg/wk. If I took half that, I'd be making Victoria Secret bra commercials.:D