What's is this Really????


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My mom has been on this Herbal Magic stuff for a long time now. Today I was looking through here "magic pills" and found this bottle WM-2000. It contains 42 Capsules and costs $50+ per week. These are the ingredients:
Siberian Ginseng
Brindall Berry Extract
Gymnema Sylvestre
I have a couple questions. (1)What do each of these ingredients do? (2)What would be a cheap OTC supplemet for her to take to lose weight?

I have given her the whole you need to workout speech and you need to exercise. She has a bad back and is waiting to get surgery within the year. She is geared on taking something to lose weight. What could I suggest for her to take instead of this Herbal Magic shit?

Thanks for any help guys and girls!
The only things I've heard of in those are the ginseng and kelp. Sorry, not much help here. Oh, the ginseng is supposed to help with energy/stamina.
Pretty much the shit is like an herbal ECA stack. And part of the program is to exercise and eat right. Even though you can go in and just buy the pills, when you sign on the program you have to exercise and eat right. That's about all I know.
Ginseng is supposed to act as mild antidepresant and increas physical and mental output by added energy or "pep"

Brindall Berry contains 30% hydroxycitric acid by weight. hca is a competitive inhibitor of citrate co-enzyme in fatty acid biogenesis and inhibits carbohydrate absorption.

Zingiber is basically Ginger root, which aids in digestion.

Gymnema Sylvestre stabalizes blood-sugar levels, reduces sugar cravings, and stimulates regeneration of pancreatic cells.

Pullulan is a polysaccharide that provides synnergistic enhancement of the qualities of Gymnema Sylvestre

Kelp is high in iodine, needed for thyroid support. High in potassium as well. Also is antioxidant, slight antimicrobial and antibiotic as well. Can lower cholesterol.

Pugongting sure you spelled it right?
Good lookin' out Billy, do you have manuals that you usally refer to? or is there a web site that has this stuff?