Whats the consesus on short cycles?

And by short i mean really short. Like 3 or 4 weekers.
75mg prop ED wk 1-4
50mg Winstrol (winny) ED wk 1-4

How much does prop make you bloat?
Would any anti-E's be needed? Or just nolvadex. Im very gyno prone.
Also i dont wnat to add any fina. Maybe somethin else though. What do yall think.

I have head some good things abiout short cycles, plus i am time constrained.

2nd cycle

5'10 198 lbs
IMO, dont go under 6 weeks. I dont like the idea of turning ur endo system on and off like a switch. Many disagree with me though...
I have yet to try anything under 6 weeks. Not sure if I will, but 6 weeks seems perfect to me. You can get great gains in 6 weeks by using short ester steroids and perhaps an oral.
Thanks for the help bros. Im gonna wait a while longer and do the cycle that was recomended to me in my other thread.

500mg test E wk 1-0
400mg eq wk 1-10

Maybe some perutech Winstrol (winny) at the end as well.