Whats typically a good dosage for a first time gh user?


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should it be like 2ius ed 5 on 2 off or should it be more than that? im going to give it a shot primarily for the fat burning qualities it has more so than the size. so i was wondering what dosage would be sufficient for that. i figure i will add it to my winter bulker so i stay somewhat lean and maybe solidify my gains that much more.

Everyone is different, but my first time using GH...I used 3 iu's 2 days on/ 1 off... I used it for a show and it seemed to work really well...

i thought

u were supposed to use it 5 on 2 off? what are the benefits of using it 2 on 1 off? is there more of some type of an effect? what are some other opinions.

oh ok

i was thinking that maybeif u take shorter times on and off your body would crave it or something. like starting to jones for it so it would suck it all right up and make the most of it. i dont know maybe i was just wishing that was the case!

I have done GH 3 times. Each time I only used 1 serostim kit. I took 1iu twice a day, 5 on 2 off, for 12 weeks. I used 500mg of Test with 2 kits, and test and anavar with the 3rd. I love the stuff, even at low doses. I lost about 3-5% BF each time! I am startng to make real money and will be using 2-3ius for 6-9 months straight and cycle regularly! I cant wait to use it again!

Low doses over longer periods of time work wonders!!
Lawnsaver, I have 1 kit and that is all I can offord right now and I want to lose some fat do you think the 5 on 2off is any better than the 7 days with the 1 kit?
minitor, 3 ius ed 5 on 2 off is all you need bro. in have not run gh myself YET but will be when funds are right.