When do you see the results from DNP?


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After a year + of research on dnp I decided to give it a shot. I'm on day 8 (first 5 days @ 200 mg powder, currently on 3rd day of 400 mg powder) and I can't see shit for fat loss. Diet is perfectly clean @ 300-350 grams of protein, 200-300 grams of complex carbs, and 40-60 grams of fat (mostly EFA's). I am doing roughly 5 hours a week of cardio and training as hard as I always do with the weights. I feel a little warm during the day and I sweat at night but it's not unbearable. Training hasn't been affected much if any.
I've read that many people don't even see ANY results until 2-3 days after the DNP cycle has ended. Do you guys find this to be true? I'm drinking 3 + gallons of water a day so I didn't think water retention could be too bad but I may be wrong....
Any help appreciated!
On my first run I didn't loose shit until a week after I ended it. I was convinced something was wrong with me...but I just needed to give it time.....good luck with the rest of your cycle.
Thanks for the reply engicream! It's really encouraging to hear that and I can't wait until I do come off so I can start seeing the results!

Any other comments?
I see losses everyday. Weight yourself first thing every morning in the AM immediately after you wake up... and tape measure around the waist. You should see a slight incremental daily loss.
you have to remember that you willl hold water on DNP so you may be actually losing fat, but just holding more water. Some people say they hold as much as 4-5 lbs of water and it takes 2-5 days for you to lose all the water.

My problem was that my first time around I ate like shit...tons of carbs...some days the scale would actually go up! But now that I've switched to only eating fructose when necessary I can see results pretty much daily like SG was talking about.
I'm looking for more info on DNP as I'm considering throwing it on my next cycle. I've heard the DNP out there is heavily diluted or even fake. One of the Mods over at Elite recently picked up 15 200mg cyrstal DNP. He claims that by day 3 of 200mg he didn't feel anything. He said the Powder at 200mg was better. The common opinion is that it isn't crystal, it's underdosed (not to mention overpriced) powder. From what I hear, if you aren't getting heat and sweat and some fast breathing your caps are underdosed or fake. What sites or articles would you recommend for research purposes?

9 days now since I'm on and I began to see results about 4-5 days afer the beggining ... didn't weigh myself but I definitly can see it