When to do abs?



alright.. im trying to bulk up for next rugby season so i put a routine together...

Monday - Shoulders/Legs
Tuesday - off
Wednesday – Chest/Triceps
Thursday - off
Friday - Biceps/Back
Saturday - off
Sunday – off

The only think idk about is where to throw abs in there.. My old basketball coach allways told me that abs need much less recovery time then other muscles so you could work them every other day... but he was also a complete idiot sooo

i figured i should put them in with legs but i need strong legs and with your legs there's just alot to work so that will definitally be my longest day in the gym

so where should i add abs in?

thanks for the help... im new too all this shit
hey.. its me again.. i was using a friends (a0cake) name to post but i figured i should get an ID if i was gonna get serious


i was thinking the same thing about abs... and im def doing cardio on my off days.

i think i'll do

Monday - Shoulders/Legs
Tuesday - Abs
Wednesday – Chest/Triceps
Thursday - off
Friday - Biceps/Back
Saturday - Abs
Sunday – off

Or should i do em on thursday too?

Also if you guys have an reccomendations for a better routine they'd be appreciated... im just going off what i've read online...
They are a muslce group just like any other... Don't over work them.

I personally cant get myself in the gym a forth or fifth day so I tack them on leg and back days. Last thing I do before I leave... Heavy wieghted abs, then resistance training and sometimes followed with ball crunchs.
That will work.

I only hit them once a week, one exercise, and 3 sets. I'll do cable crunches one week and the next hanging leg raises.