Legs and Arms "muscle focus routine"


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This is a muscle group focused routine where you'd hit particular muscles hard (legs, biceps, triceps and shoulders) while still getting a solid amount of work in on your other muscle groups. Duration should be 8-12 weeks maximum. Should notice increase in size and strength of focused muscles first 4 weeks then they will start to fatigue. Once your routine switches after 8 weeks they'll then grow and get even stronger with the increased rest time. Also note that this is for intermediate to advanced based on the amount of days per week/volume per workout. Here is the routine.

Keep each exercise x5 per**

Day 1
Triceps x30, shoulders x20, biceps x15, forearms x5.
Day 2
Back x30, abs x20, legs x15, calves x5.
Day 3
Biceps x30, triceps x20, shoulders x15, forearms x5.
Day 4
Chest x30, legs x20, back x15, calves x5.
Day 5
Triceps x30, shoulders x20, biceps x15, forearms x5.
Day 6
Legs x30, calves x20, chest x15, abs x5.

In the middle of the routine (week 4 or 5) you can and should take a recoup week with only 4 workout days instead of 6. I'd suggest switching that recoup week to look like this:

Day 1
Triceps x30, biceps x20, legs x15, forearms x5.
Day 2
Back x30, shoulders x20, chest x15, abs x5.
Day 3
Legs x30, triceps x20, biceps x15, calves x5.
Day 4
Shoulders x30, chest x20, back x15, abs x5.

Hope you enjoy. This will make everything on you grow but it really does emphasize growth in the legs and arms which can arguably make anyone look amazing if you have both these bulging. Give it a try.. 8 weeks can never be a waste of time and you'd be surprised what a dedicated 2 month "muscle focus routine" can do for you!
Hi there OP :wavey:

I'm sorry to be so ignorant but what do you mean in regard to x30 , x 20 etc...

I'd ask you , if you have done this and what was your results ? Have you gained size . also is this consider for a cycle. I see you are working these muscle x 3 a wk. I do that also to get some added growth hopefully by really stimulating the group of muscles however you have to watch for over working the muscles. The other thing is one might experience so muscle soreness a signal of break down so the rest is imperative.

I don't see anything wrong and can be a benefit however this only for very advanced lifters who know their body being be aware if they are over training0. This is IMOP.
Hi, no worries, it means x30 (sets) so 6 exercises for that muscle x5 sets per to equal 30.

Yes I have done this and you gain size the first 3 weeks noticeably. It sort of plateaus the rest of the routine since you're basically telling your body that everything is being worked all the time. It is recommended imo to go through the 8 weeks to form a habit your body can recognize so that right after (for example) I went to an 8 week routine where I only hit every muscle group once a week but really hard and everything grew very fast with that added recovery time.

It would be a suggested routine for either on cycle..absolutely or if you're used to 1.5-2hour workouts.
Ok that's what I thought.

Just saying FYI I'm 66 years old and I work out 1.5 - 2 hours like at least 5 days a week. BUt this would be hard for a man my age as fatigue for the older guys gets real bad even with all my years. Also even on cycle I really am not growing much and I train fvckin hard. None of the older guys 55- 60 +grow but keep what they have.

So I am currently training my arms 3 times a week and after a few weeks it really hits me hard, sourness and fatigue. again even thou I don't really get sore much at all. I miss having a partner which is a BIG aide in getting to ultimate failure and beyond.

Your routine would benefit the lagging muscles. But this in mind I think it would be too much for all the muscle you mention in the same week.

Adjust the amount of sets if that's the case but you should try training less for a few weeks to try and break that plateau. I know it may be hard to tell yourself to go only for an hour or take more rest days but if you do so and then go back into an intense routine like above and adjusted what you needed. Then I do think even at your age you could potentially grow (that being said a cycle would probably be needed too). All I'm saying is there's a chance, I know it's a whole other world at your age and way more things to account for. You know yourself best and what you can handle!
this is similar to german volume training...

i personally think its overtraining.. but i see its benefits too
this is similar to german volume training...

i personally think its overtraining.. but i see its benefits too
Because of the over training when ever I do this I go just a few weeks and take 2-3 days off for my body to just grow with all the breaking down.
That's all I got but you have gotten some good input. :elephant: