When to get bloods and what tests to get? (help)


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Hi guys. If someone would take the time to respond to this it would be a massive help to my future in regards to AAS use.

I'm looking for information regarding bloodwork. I always advocate the safest possible use to anyone i help but i have never actually had bloods done myself. (can't talk the talk if i don't walk the walk)

I've been off cycle now for 8 weeks and as i'm thinking about my next one i want to make sure i'm 100% safe as can be with no guess work for the foreseeable future.

I'm using a company called Medichecks and there are a hell of a lot of different tests to choose from.

My thoughts already are that i should kick it off with a full sports panel check to see where everything is at.(rbc, wbc, kidneys, liver, all hormones, thyroid, cholesterol and some other bits covered) it's about £******.

then when i'm on cycle just get a female hormone check (FSH, LH, oestradiol and prolactin covered) this is £****.

(post cycle i'm unsure which check to get)


does testosterone need to checked with the mid cycle check? surely you'd only check it on cycle if you wanted to see if your gear was underdosed/bunk which is going to be highly unlikely.

after cycle do i get a full panel done again? (i would suspect i do) just as far as i THOUGHT people are not spending £**** left right and centre for their bloods.

Thank you for any input that could be given on this, i hope i'm on the right train of thought.
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