Who believes in stretching the fascia for muscle growth?


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The theory is, stretching the fascial tissue, the tissue that supports all muscle organs and bones, will make room for new muscle growth. When the fascia is too tight, the muscles have no room to grow.

Who believes this and applies it when training?
I believe it....but don't apply it that often..lol

I did read somewhere that in order for faster and further gains it is very important to stretch the tissues for additional growth.
is that your arm DG?

i believe in it...i was very skeptical at first but after review of basic physiology it stand to reason this is true also i recently started doing pec injects to hlep brin uip the uper head of my pec muscles and have had some good result this cycle...so imo spot injects for facia tissue strecth do work!
I think so bro and i am way out of shape in that pic. Body-fat is pretty high but did 2 cc's on-sites in bi's and curls and still decent arms but am as far out of shape as I get in pic.

One arm I did 2 cc's t-400 and the other a jug of 50cc qv eth and 1/2cc prop in each with little pain.
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