Who's old vet whos been around long enough to source check bro 6 yrs back?


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I am not doing a source check but I ran into an old friend from a board 5 yrs ago on a different board . I e-mailed him as it was his name and sounded like his knowledgeable vet self with only 5 posts on a particular popular board.
The bro never seems to fuck up my first order was with him 5 yrs + in the game!
The man is they say there are 4 sure things in life
life, pay tax's,##****** source and death!
That was 4 yrs ago hes still got game!

I had different handle name and was first source yrs ago and rembered me right away.

The man is brilliant never rarely advertises (discret) but doing it that long most mods today are to young, (no offenses intended) or haven't been around long enough to no the "big long game" (so to speak). You gotta give the man props for yrs helping bros, not many last that many yrs,
*I tip my hat to you sir*

Besides the vet Flex and some mods at meso or gades, ug (older boards)
Big Sport (is it still alive after we left, aka "Wrecking Crew" Big Mark around still?)

I am not sure who to ask vets not even gonna ask but in case I did. Flex or J.P., Hyper, Big A maybe.
Since banned at bolex I lost contact with the bros, Admin banned me for asking question pertaining to board ownership,ect.

I missed some bros I known a long time and made many, many new ones and broadened my horizens to being stuck to 1 board all the time.

This is for my new home!
I will wonder but hopefully I will always find my way back here for comfort with people I met along the way who took me in so fast.
(since 2 yrs was limited mainly at bolex) 95% of time and posts.

I moved so many times I hope this one stays up for a long time!

thanks for hearing me out!
ranted bigtime
take care all!

(me wondering the boards of the net below)
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