Why you shouldnt use Arimidex or Femera if at all possible


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I have always been under the impression, that using steroids will more thna make-up for igf-1 lowering when using a little arimidex or femera. Arimidex being the worse of the two as far as igf-1 lowering, but it seems i was mistaken. IGF-1 is a very intregal part of the reason why steroids work so well. Heres a study on femera I read on CEM this morning, remeber, arimidex is worse than femera as far as lowering IGF-1.

"The concentrations of 17beta-oestradiol, IGF-I and IGF-binding protein-3 increased during testosterone-plus-placebo treatment, but during testosterone-plus-letrozole treatment the concentrations remained unchanged" (1)

(1) Eur J Endocrinol 2002 Mar;146(3):339-46

The role of sex steroids in the regulation of insulin sensitivity and serum lipid concentrations during male puberty: a prospective study with a P450-aromatase inhibitor.

Wickman S, Saukkonen T, Dunkel L.
I dont have any research data to dispute your claim. But what I do have to share is my only experience with A-dex in a cycle. That cycle was Novemeber 2001 until early March 2002. By and large it was my most productive cycle ever and I was using 0.5 mg per day throughout. My muscle gains during the cycle were great and my fatloss was equally as impressive.

Will I use Adex again? Yes. I did not find that it inhibited my muscle gains when used in combination with Test, Fina and Winny.
This is the classic case of our individualism. To some, the use of AI's is warranted when running any moderate to high dose of aromatizable gear. You avoid bloat, estro fat deposits, high BP and of course gyno. If I were to not use an Aromatase inhibitor (AI), I would have some tits... I'm very prone.

Others can get away with using nothing or very little for estro suppression and have no bad sides other than bloating and raised BP.

I have gained just fine with 2.5mg/letro ed with 750mg/test/week. Actually, I just dropped my dose to eod and my test to 500mg/week, cause I'll soon be adding EQ at 800mg/week.

Still no bloat at all and loving it.
I am using 12.5 mg of generic aromasin EOD now and I am up a solid 12lbs and down about 3-4%BF. I got similar results while using A-dex as well.

There are many mechinisms in which we grow. I can say not through scientific data, but through personal experiences that if A-dex of other Anti-A's or E's have such a dramatic effects on I-Gf1 levels, we must grow from other avenues, because I grow and i always use some type of Anti-A or E